Our History

Each week, congregation members "give" in many forms to help our church community through time, talents, and financial gifts. Through our financial gifts and fundraising, a large portion of our budget goes towards our annual missions. These missions are coordinated through a dedicated task force. These efforts were largely matched by funds from Thrivent. Our current missions are:

  • The Gift of Running Water - Navajo reservation water project.
  • Udhhar - Ongoing mission and development work in India.
  • ISAAC - Anti-racism group that seeks to create the beloved community of equality and inclusion in South West Michigan.
  • Kairos Dwelling Home - Free hospice at the end of life in Kalamazoo.
  • SWELL - (Sharing With Everyone Lutheran Love) provides support by collaborating with community agencies that serve foster children and young adults.
  • Samaritas - Provides over 70 program sites in 40 cities transforming communities one life at a time. In our area they help support the transition of new American families to the Kalamazoo area.
  • Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry - A primary food assistance distribution program in Kalamazoo. We partner with Sunnyside Methodist Church.
  • Out Front Kalamazoo - Gay and lesbian organization creating inclusive, just, and equitable environments in South West Michigan.
  • Ministry with Community - Local organization empowering people to make positive life changes by connecting them with local services in Kalamazoo.
  • African Christian Fellowship (ACF) - A strong Christian refugee group which supports new refugees coming to Kalamazoo & provides a safe place to worship. We are proud to share our worship space with this community.

*WMU Campus Ministry-financial support and homemade food for Sunday luncheons.
*ELCA WORLD Hunger Financial Support and Disaster Relief Appeals
*Kalamazoo Pride Festival- exhibit to support outreach
*Annual CROP Walk- financial support with walkers
*Hat, Mitten, Scarf tree for children in Kalamazoo at Christmas
*Christmas boxes for the home bound and families in need
*Pastor's Discretionary Fund- assistance for random instances
*Provide free use of our building for community activities, such as.. funeral luncheons
*Talons Out Honor Flight-sponsor veterans a flight to Wash DC to see the Memorial

Here at Lutheran Church of the Savior we say, “We are so much more than Sunday worship.” But how much more are we?  Look into our history and you will find that we are a church with integrity, drive, community values, and strong relationships.
It was in 1966 in Kalamazoo, Michigan that a few citizens discovered they were not the only ones with interest in forming a Lutheran church. These few citizens worked together with their community to make a place of worship all their own. Well, at first the place of worship wasn't quite ALL their own; service was first held in 1967 at a high school auditorium led by Pastor Al Neibacher the willed group of individuals became a church.
Within the first few years the church had begun running under normal functions and had established a building committee to construct a place of worship. With a place of their own, the Lutheran Church of the Savior (LCS) took off, averaging a 200 person membership with 100-150 service attendants each Sunday. Their newly found community was compassionate, strong, and filled with inspiration for the future of their church. Eager to serve, LCS began supporting mission trips and community involvement. Even when things became a little rocky with their original synod, LCS was determined to continue their service and held strong to their mission driven values.
Fast forward to 2013: 46 years, 5 pastors, one organ, and a renovation later, LCS still stands strong. By attending Sunday worship, checking out the 'holy mess' called event planning, reading the newsletter, email or simply stopping into the office, it is easy to see LCS is full of excitement, motivation, and compassion. LCS was started by knocking door to door and inviting people to join them in their mission. Though the methods have changed, LCS still invites all people to join us in our worship, faith, and friendship.  Recently, we celebrate the national recognition of becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation.  We affirm all persons regardless of their race, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We welcome all because Jesus welcomes all. 

Lutheran Church of the Savior will be celebrating 50 years of ministry with Pentecost in 2017. Pentecost means 50, as in 50 days after Easter / Passover. The original Pentecost was the birth of the first church, when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus’ disciples and empowered them to become apostles, proclaiming the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ to the whole world. We are preparing for the Holy Spirit to transform our congregation in similar ways, empowering us to take the gospel into the world and invite people into deeper relationship with the God who loves them.

Come join the excitement as the Holy Spirit leads us. 

Gods Work. Our Hands

About Lutheran Church of the Savior

Additional Missions We Have Supported

Purpose Statement: Lutheran Church of the Savior will joyfully share God's love in community. 

Unifying Principles

  • We are generous to others because God's generosity empowers us.
  • We reach across boundaries.
  • Jesus' love inspires us to advocate for peace and justice wherever Christ guides us.
  • We are Christ centered.
  • We commit to God's life-changing mission.

Who We Are