Luther Rose Crest 

Lutheranism is a movement within the universal Christian Church begun by a Catholic monk named Martin Luther.  Some of the core beliefs of Lutheranism are:

  • We are justified (put into a right relationship with God) by faith alone in Jesus Christ not by anything we do to earn it.
  • God deeply loves and cares for us and our world. 
  • God is not distant from us but is active in our world.
  • Worship includes both Word (scripture readings) and Sacrament (Holy Communion and Holy Baptism) so we can hear about who God is, and then we encounter the risen Christ in the sacraments. 
  • Grace is the unearned love, mercy, and forgiveness of God that we are given because of Jesus Christ and what he has accomplished for us in his birth, life, death, and resurrection.  
  • Good works do not earn us salvation but are an important part of our life of faith.

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