Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links if you are looking for more information about our congregation, our denomination, missions we partner with, etc:

  • ELCA - the website for our denomination. 
  • Reconciling Works - the website for the organization which advocates for the inclusion, welcome, and celebration of the LBGTQ+ community in congregations.
  • North West Lower Michigan - the website for our Synod.
  • Bishop Craig A. Satterlee - the website for our Bishop which includes his weekly preaching videos, information on what is going on in our synod, as well as articles and other information about our Synod.  
  • Lutheran Disaster Response - a wonderful organization that provides assistance for disaster situations around the world.  
  • Parchment Library - LCS works to partner with the Parment Library for various programs. Check out their website and newsletter to learn about upcoming programs and events! 
  • Ministry with Community - an amazing organization that provides vital services to our homeless brothers and sisters. 
  • Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes - LCS partners with Loaves and Fishes to help provide food to our neighbors in need in the community. For information on how to receive food, food pick up locations, how to volunteer/give, etc. please check out the link. 
  • Kairos Dwelling - LCS partners with Kairos Dwelling to provide free short term palliative care for those in need in the community.